Why Do People Believe in UFO’s?

For hundreds of years, human beings have believed extra terrestrials.in two things and in modern times we continue to search for alien life. Why do we as human beings believe that there is someone or something else out there?

People have always had a feeling that there was some other form of life out there, this feeling only intensified when Galileo discovered that Earth is not the only planet revolving around the Sun. Since that time we have landed on the Moon, sent probes to the surface of Mars, and numerous other probes are currently traveling into deep space. All in the hope of discovering for the first time, alien life forms.From a scientific stand point, the odds of human beings being the only intelligent life in the universe is simply not possible. Alien life must exist otherwise the Earth would be a mathematical anomaly of astronomical proportions. According to the expanding universe theory, the farthest things in tour universe the things are 46.5 billion light years away from us. That is a huge distance and the objecta we are seeing emitted their light 13.7 billion years ago. It is simply not probable that human beings would be the only intelligent life and if we are… we must truly be special.

Maybe UFO’s have landed (or crashed) on the planet Earth and the government covered it up. Even if you are skeptical, you got to admit that there is some pretty strange shit out there that can not be waved off as a weather balloon or swamp gas. Even aeronautical experts and experienced government officials have reported UFO sightings. Wouldn’t they of all people know the difference between something out of this world and a simple weather balloon?

While there is currently no indisputable solid proof that UFO’s and aliens exist, doesn’t mean that there will never be any. We simply have not been looking long enough or have the technology to reach our them. The universe is a tremendously vast place and it has been around for a unthinkable amount of time. If the entire life span of the universe was scaled down to one day… human beings have not even existed for for a full second. Is it not possible that somewhere out there at some point in time alien life existed? Maybe today will be that day, maybe UFOs will land today.

The thought of extra-terrestrial life has fueled our imaginations and helped to create a belief that UFOs could be visiting the planet Earth. After all what is more believable, gods came down from the heavens on chariots of fire or that aliens communicated with ancient man (and are still communicating with us today)?


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