UFO Propulsion Technology Coming Soon?

ufo-propulsionHave you ever wondered about UFO Propulsion? After all, with our current array of technology it is pretty safe to say, that any Unidentified Flying Objects that are alien in origin and visit our planet Earth, are not remotely local. So how do these alien travelers arrive here from distant star systems via a flying disc shaped object?

The vague answer is really quite simple, with only two outcomes. One, the alien beings life span is extremely long or their advanced knowledge has allowed them to become immortal. This would allow them to travel vast distances without any real consequences.

“Immortal aliens”, now I have heard everything! Yeah, I know, it sounds far fetched, but think about it. In the last few decades we have made phenomenal advancements in medicine that improve our overall health and have increased our life expectancies by 20 years.

If an alien civilization was 100 years ahead of us, what do you think their medical advances might be? Now, imagine that the alien civilization’s technology is 100 million years ahead of us. The idea of the life span of an alien race being border line immortal might seem to be a lot more plausible than previously thought.

The other outcome is that aliens have engineered their UFO spacecraft to solve the silly little problems associated with traveling at the speed of light or faster. In addition to the enormous speed benefits, according to Eisenstein, as an object approaches the speed of light time, begins to slow down. Once an object reaches the speed of light it is unclear what happens to time. Some believe that time slows down to almost 1/7th of what normal time is. While other believe that time will simply stop completely.

I have a couple of theories on how these UFO spacecraft are defying our current known laws of physics and traveling to Earth.

I used to believe that UFOs were powered by an advanced electromagnetic field that surrounds their spacecraft and created a vacuum. A flying saucer that utilized such a vacuum would have the ability to manipulate particles and travel through virtually any medium, air, space, even water. If UFO propulsion is comprised of an advanced electromagnetic field it would also explain why people that experience UFO sightings describe their cars as suddenly stopping or their radios going all screwy.

My current belief on how Unidentified Flying Objects traverse space and time revolves around a controversial new theory call “String theory” or “SuperString Theorem”. String Theory is the idea that our multidimensional universe is comprised of vibrating strings that produce harmonic waves. If correct, the theory would be able to express all the laws of physics in a single unified formula.

If you were to have an advanced understanding of string theory’s unified formula, you would have the ability to travel from one point in the universe to another in a split second. But most importantly, by utilizing string theory, you could do so without breaking the laws of physics.

If you have never heard of string theory before, I highly recommend you look into it, as it is one of the most fascinating theories I have ever seen, that just make perfect sense. Where can I find our more information? Just watch the video, go ahead watch it, I’ll wait.

There are numerous theories on how UFOs travel through the deep dark regions of space and the atmosphere of Earth. Some have come to believe that they use anti-matter technology, gravity drives, ion propulsion, or that they have even developed a method to open up wormholes through space and time. Does it sound like something out of a bad science fiction movie? Think again, the geniuses’ over at NASA have and still are producing groundbreaking research that could make UFO technology a reality for human beings very soon.

Find out more at NASA’s “Warp Drive, When?” page.

One comment on UFO Propulsion Technology Coming Soon?

  • Frank Losos says:

    Brian: You are putting the pieces of the puzzle together magnificently. The UFO propulsion must require an intra-dimensional process. How else coud these massive object pass soundlessly through the air at lightning speeds, effortlessly make 90 and 180 degrees changes in direction? They must be deploying principals that transform their mass into energy, disappearing at will from our 3-dimensional world, only to fade back into view moments later. Hostile military aircraft following closely behind them, fading out of sight, never to be seen again. Please keep pursuring your research.

    Frank Losos
    Pittsburgh, PA

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