UFO Evidence – Real Or Fake?

The theory of relativity is not the last word of science. So far, any attempt to establish a unitary theory failed. The physical universe still has many mysteries, even its fundamental aspects. Fortunately, the human doesn’t have any limits in science and technology. It is possible that some technological civilizations from the Universe already discovered the huge mystery of interstellar traveling. Are their agents among the people on earth? Is it possible that the UFOs are actually their space ships? Too many people claimed to have seen UFOs and provided UFO evidence like movies and pictures. They are therefore hard to be ignored.

There are a few UFOs that actually left anything else behind them except the visual evidence. That’s why most witnesses are discredited. Some of the strange UFO evidence that is different than just a statement is the angel hair. What is it about? Something like a triangle flying close to a UFO. A famous example of angel hair dates since 1952, when a long cylinder, tight and angled at 45 degrees was moving in a straight line above a cloud, just like a weird shaped lightning. Once it disappeared, a white plume looking like fleece remained and started to fall towards the earth, while disintegrating. There are many similar cases, like Pennsylvania in 1973, Australia in 1981 or California in 1999. Although it looks like something that can be taken into a laboratory and analyzed, no piece of it could be recovered. It would definitely be some great UFO evidence.

But let’s see some other important cases. It seems that Varginha, Brazil, was highly visited by aliens in 1996. Multiple video recordings of UFOs taken by the citizens hit the news from the whole world. According to some witnesses, they saw a short two footed being with a big head and red eyes. It seems the creature had a deep and sharp odor and was associated with the legendary Chupacabra. As a result of the desperate calls, the Brazilian Security S2 agents struggled to capture the creature, but without any success.

Another interesting piece of so called UFO evidence is the movie of Jeff Peckman. Jeff Peckman came with an amazing video recording from a surveillance infra red camera that displays an alien head peeking through the window. It’s a pear shaped head, with big eyes. Although the video was a top subject for The Sun, Mediafax and many newspapers, plenty of similar videos were created only to prove that anyone could do such a joke with a plastic alien head. Therefore, it was taken as a fake UFO evidence. Although it’s normal to set up a camera on a window, you would expect it to monitor the whole window, not just the bottom right corner. The video is obviously taken from a short distance since the window is not fully viewable.

However, so far, the biggest mystery related to UFO evidence is the Roswell case. It even has a file in the national security archives related to the captured creature. Plenty of movies and books were released in order to try to solve this case, but the United States government successfully keeps the whole story secret.

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  • Tom says:

    I for one believe there are UFO’s.
    One night in on the way home from Enid, in 1976, there was a strange light in the sky.
    My wife was with me we had just turn west on HWY 412, off of HWY 60, and this bright light came out of the north, then the car died. We lost two hours and the car was facing east with the motor running.
    To this day we still do not know what happen for those two hours and how the car had gotten turned aroun heading in the oposite direction.

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