China Films UFO During a Solar Eclipse

During a solar eclipse Chinese scientists filmed a UFO for over (40) forty minutes. Scientists at the Purple Mountain Observatory in Nanjing, confirmed that they have captured 40 minutes of footage of a unidentified flying object that appeared during a solar eclipse earlier this summer. They have also stated that research has already begun on […]

UFO Filmed During UFO Interview

Greetings Earthlings! While stumbling around YouTube, I came across an amazing UFO video where an unidentified flying object is recorded through a window. The strange part is that this happened while an interview was being conducted on a woman about her past UFO experiences.

Christmas UFO in Holland

According to the person that captured this interesting UFO video, it was filmed very early in the morning using a tripod. The video was taken at around one to two o’clock in the morning in Holland on December 26th, 2008. Is this a video of a star? Or is it a video of something else. […]

Oklahoma UFO Thunderstorm Video

On Memorial Day in 1997, a storm chaser by the name of Lan Lamphere and a a group of friends captured an unidentified flying object on video near Loco, Oklahoma. They were completely unaware of what they had captured on tape at the time that it had happened. It wasn’t until two weeks later while […]