Our Next President Will Be An Alien!

Alien Obama

Alien Obama

It certainly is beginning to appear that is going to be the outcome of the 2008 presidential elections. Although, it would not be the first time we’ve had an extraterrestrial for a president and more then likely it won’t be our last. There are numerous documents and articles that give evidence that our former presidents have not only been in contact with beings from outer space, but some of them are actually aliens. Need more proof?

All of the signs are definitely there, you just have look closely for them. For example take a closer look at the Barack Obama on the cover of Time Magazine, notice anything strange? With ears like that, he is either part elf or the offspring of two very proud parents from planet Vulcan. There have also been rumors that at certain time his right index finger will glow, it has been described to be similar to how E.T.’s finger glowed in the movie. Is the Illinois Senator making an attempt to “phone home”? If so, what messages could he possibly be sending? More then likely at this point in time he is informing his mother ship of his standings in the polls followed by the occasional dirty Hilary joke.

Well… I for one would like to take this opportunity to embrace our new presidential alien overlord and let him know that I will gladly sacrifice my thorax for his. All I ask for in return is that you please do not eat me.


Dennis Kucinich Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Ohio’s 10th district stated that he has personally witnessed an UFO sighting when questioned. Senator Barrack Obama carefully avoids answering the next question regarding extraterrestrial intelligent life. When asked, he quickly changes the focus of the question, perhaps to avoid suspicions.

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