School Employee Fired For UFO Searching

A system administrator is accused of installing the seti@home program on every single one of the school district’s 5,000 computers. The implementation of the program caused the Higley Unified School District in Gilbert, Arizona to become the largest contributor to the SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) project.

Google Sky Goes Deep Into Space

Have you ever wanted to look deep into space but were unable to afford a quality telescope? Google Sky is the answer to all of your problems. Google Sky allows a user to transverse the know universe at the click of a mouse. Still not satisfied? Switch the to infrared, microwave, or historical views of […]

Utah Meteor Fireball Video

Is this a sign of the coming apocalypse in 2012? Or is it just a coincidence, that a lot of meteors have fallen from the heavens lately. Over Utah, a meteor traveling at approximately 80,000 mph broke through the Earth’s atmosphere on November the 18th. The meteor created an extremely bright light as it shot […]