Alien Life – Fact Or Mythology?

In the mysterious domain of ufology, the alien is defined as a being coming from cosmos, far away from the Earth or its atmosphere. In our days, there’s a scientific investigation taking place in order to prove the existence of life in the cosmos. It goes by the name of SETI and it is dedicated to monitoring the space with radio telescopes, in order to capture a signal or a message from intelligent beings. The one and only purpose of this investigation is proving that alien life exists.

Although there are many cases of people who claim they met aliens or were kidnapped by them, there’s actually no proof to support their statements. Most arguments refer to various low quality pictures that skeptical scientists don’t take in consideration.

In the sub culture of the United States, an alien is defined as someone who is not the citizen of the country. Going on from this concept, sometimes the immigrants of the United States are referred to as aliens. In the popular language, aliens are also referred to as martians, although they don’t really have to come from Mars.

Although at first the UFO phenomenon wasn’t actually associated with aliens, it definitely is now after the famous Roswell case. In 1947, a UFO crashed in Roswell, New Mexico. Specialists moved fast and took the rests of the ship and a few bodies. Philip J. Corso explained the whole story in his “The Day After Roswell” book, since he was one of the soldiers that helped with the case and actually saw what was inside. The lieutenant colonel claimed that on the day of July, 6th, 1947, he saw a non-human creature with 4 slim legs and strange arms, having 4 fingers and a very disproportionate head. The 1.2 meter high little creature looked like a bulb. The eyes were very big and the nose was very small. It had no eye brows or other signs of facial pilosity. The mouth looked more like a slash, rather than a functional orifice. Later, in 1961, Corso claims he managed to see the Roswell file, which contained the field observation and the autopsy records. The autopsy records referred to a biological extra-terrestrial entity. This book made the people ask themselves why would a respected officer in the United States army lie. What for? Corso had no reasons to lie over this happening, therefore his book increased the belief in alien life.

Judging by many exobiologists and astronomers, alien life can be originated by various forms, after the planetary atmospheres of other worlds. If alien life exists, the aliens would definitely have a chemical composition that’s different than any being on this planet.

The speculations about the aliens’ aspect were multitudinous over the years. If the testimonials of people who claim to be in contact with them are true, then aliens are different species. The ufologists use the assumptions about exobiology and the descriptions made by assumed witnesses in order to classify the aliens after various typologies. So far, they don’t have any actual proof of the existence of alien life.

Below is a video from Paul Davies on the subject of extra-terrestial life:


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