UFO Contact Made on October 14th

aliensNews stations are abuzz with editors shouting headlines across the room and reporters scrambling to dig up information on the events that are unfolding. The Untied States military is on high alert and without a doubt have made proper preparations for any outcome as they await the arrival. Suddenly, a massive extraterrestrial spacecraft breaks through the clouds above and begins to descend.

Are these the events that will occur on October 14th, 2008? According to Blossom Goodchild (an Australian “Channeler”), they are.

Blossom Goodchild went public with her “message” on August 22nd, 2008. Goodchild states via channeling she received the message from a being from another planet. The extraterrestrial being informed her that he was from “The Federation of Light” and that on October 14th, a diamond shaped craft of light will visit Earth.

The extraterrestrial being also told Blossom Goodchild that the diamond shaped UFO would stay for three days. Thus proving without a doubt that there is intelligent life outside of our galaxy and scattered throughout the universe.

Will a massive outbreak of UFO sightings occur on October 14th, 2008?

Will the government fully disclose their UFO information?

Will we finally make contact with extraterrestrial beings from half-way across the universe?

Will the aliens deliver a message of peace and love?

The UFO cometh?! With only one day away, time will certainly tell.

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