Las Vegas UFO Prophet?

BC channel 13 action news located in Las Vegas, Nevada, recently ran a story about a remarkable Las Vegas man who has stated that he can summon UFOs on command. He says he learned this uncanny ability 25 years ago when was reading the old testament of the bible… written in Hebrew. He has kept […]

Shocking UFO Video From Ireland

On August 3rd at 10:45pm, while driving near Dunboyne a Senior Grarda Officer observed a triangular shaped craft in the sky, with bright lights at each point. Amazed, the police office stopped and filmed the strange craft with his camera phone. As the man observed the hovering craft, it began to shine a vibrant “laser […]

Unbelieveable UFO Footage!

On a peaceful and quite night in Haiti, a tourist captured this remarkable Unidentified Flying Object video. If you watch closely as the UFO flies over head you can almost make out the advanced electrogravitational engine.