Oklahoma UFO Thunderstorm Video

ufo-thunderstormOn Memorial Day in 1997, a storm chaser by the name of Lan Lamphere and a a group of friends captured an unidentified flying object on video near Loco, Oklahoma. They were completely unaware of what they had captured on tape at the time that it had happened. It wasn’t until two weeks later while screening the video for a film crew that he noticed the object.

Lan, unsure of what the object could be, had the video sent to the National Sever Storms Laboratory in Norman, OK. When their leading scientists could not explain what the object was, the video was then sent to UFO researchers. To date there has been no clear definition of what this unidentified flying object could be or what is was doing near a tornado forming storm cell.

According to one of the researchers that analyzed the video stated that the object is approximately 30 feet long by 18 feet wide and was traveling at speeds in excess of 9000 mph.

Below is the video of the UFO in a Oklahoma thunderstorm. Do you have any idea of what the unidentified flying object could be?

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