I Was Abducted By Aliens

abductionI apologize for the recent absence of posts, but I actually have a pretty good excuse. I was recently abducted by aliens! Unlike with most abductions where the abductees lose only a few hours or a day of time, I was gone for almost a month.

Upon returning I had no recolection of what had happened or where I had been, but after being back on Earth for a day or two, a massive amount of memories came flooding back to me. It was almost as if the alien beings had done something to block my memory and it wore off after a few days.

On a stormy night, I was driving on a rural road in the middle of no where when I saw an abnormally bright flash. As it was rainy night I assumed the flash of light was lighting, thinking back on it now, I wish I had been paying more attention to it.

Suddenly, my truck died on me, I thought to myself “Great! What luck!”. I turned the key to attempt to restart my truck without any luck, so I popped the hood and stepped out. This was an absolute mistake, I never made it to the front of my truck.

Immediately after I opened my door I was struck by a bright white light from above that rendered me immobile. As I laid on the roadside I looked up in horror. I saw a fairly large triangular shaped craft with round lights toward each end and one larger light in the center that was beaming down upon me.

alien-lightThat is all that I really remember, although I have been having flashbacks of the strange events that occurred to me while upon their spacecraft. The memories I have are hard to explain and put into words as they are just bits and pieces, as if I was going in and out of consciousness. From what I can recall, it seems as though they were only monitoring my body for something. They had numerous electrode type things attached to me all over and my right arm emerged in some sort of goo, why, I have no idea.

I was gone for approximately three weeks, four days, and eightteen hours. No harm was done to me, as far as I know, although my upper right forearm feels very strange at times. I was gone for so long that my wife thought that I had ran off and left her. My truck was towed away as it was deemed abandoned, when I picked it up, the paint on my driver’s side door had some discoloration that was not there before. I can only assume that it has something to do with the close proximity to the light the struck me. I’ll write some more, when and if I can recall more that occurred.

Has anyone had anything similar occur to them? Have you ever even heard of anyone being abducted for such an extended period of time?

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