Google UFO Logo Mystery

The Google search engine puzzled some of it’s users yesterday by displaying their logo with the letter “o” being abducted by a UFO. The Google logo often changes to display images that mark anniversaries or key events that have happened on that date in the past. If someone were to click on the UFO Google logo, the link would take you to a search results page for the keyword “unexplained phenomena”, bizarre.


In addition to the Google UFO logo, Google sent out a twitter message that read “1.12.12 15 1.18.5 20.15 21.19”. The numerical coded message was deciphered by using the pattern that 1=A, 2=B , 3=C, etc. and when tranlated reads “All you o are belong to us”, very strange.

Google indexes a hugh amounts of data by operating armies of webpage crawling spiders. Has Google discovered some sort of secret document that proves aliens and UFOs exist?

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