Fantastic Canada Meteor Video

meteorOn November 20th, 2008, a meteor gloriously lit up the skies at night over western Canada. The amazing fireball event was captured by several people with video cameras within the region. One of the most brilliant videos was captured by a police cruiser’s dash cam in Edmonton, AB Canada. The video shows a bright ball of light hurtling towards the Earth just before it passes behind a series of clouds and explodes in the atmosphere.

Astronomers believe that the meteor no bigger than a grapefruit at that it may have never impacted the Earth. Thanks in part to the video footage scientists speculate that the meteor was traveling at approximately 60km per second and that it entered the atmosphere at 400,000 feet. This could help explain why many local residents have stated that they heard a distant boom at around 5:26pm on Thursday when the meteor fell.

Police Cruiser’s Dash Cam Video

Amateur Meteor Video Near Edmonton Canada

News Station Shows Even More Footage

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