Christmas UFO in Holland

holland-ufoAccording to the person that captured this interesting UFO video, it was filmed very early in the morning using a tripod. The video was taken at around one to two o’clock in the morning in Holland on December 26th, 2008.

Is this a video of a star? Or is it a video of something else. As said before the video was taken using a tripod and you can clearly see the object “jump” within the video. Did the cameraman bump the tripod? He claims he didn’t. Even with that as side, this bizarre object seems to be pulsating different colors of light as it slowly crosses the sky.

There was also a lot of reports of strange lights in the sky in the same area of Holland as well as a article in a local newspaper. So, what is this unidentified flying object that was captured on film Christmas day in Holland? It’s very difficult to say, it could be a star, an airplane, or maybe a UFO.

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