Shocking UFO Video From Ireland

On August 3rd at 10:45pm, while driving near Dunboyne a Senior Grarda Officer observed a triangular shaped craft in the sky, with bright lights at each point. Amazed, the police office stopped and filmed the strange craft with his camera phone. As the man observed the hovering craft, it began to shine a vibrant “laser beam” down to Earth, all of which he caught on film.

While the video has not been officially release to the public, it was shown to numerous UFO enthusiasts at a paranormal convention in Dublin. The video has since been described as the best UFO footage ever taken. Continue reading Shocking UFO Video From Ireland

Amazing UFO Interview with Dan Aykroyd

Who knew Dan Aykroyd was so knowledgeable about unidentified flying objects? Frankly, I am impressed; he showed great knowledge on all aspects of UFO discussions. In addition, to the outstanding statements made by Dan Aykroyd, the video also explains several interesting UFO topics.

I absolutely loved this video as it presented questions and followed it up be video evidence and factual depictions. Very entertaining, informative, and question raising.