Large Hadron Collider Resumes Experiments

0911188_01-A5-at-72-dpiScientists at the world’s biggest particle accelerator (Large Hadron Collider) have resumed their experiment to recreate the “Big Bang”. Despite the fears of many other scientists that the experiment could potentially create a black hole here on Earth. Continue reading Large Hadron Collider Resumes Experiments

Fantastic Canada Meteor Video

meteorOn November 20th, 2008, a meteor gloriously lit up the skies at night over western Canada. The amazing fireball event was captured by several people with video cameras within the region. One of the most brilliant videos was captured by a police cruiser’s dash cam in Edmonton, AB Canada. The video shows a bright ball of light hurtling towards the Earth just before it passes behind a series of clouds and explodes in the atmosphere. Continue reading Fantastic Canada Meteor Video

NASA Loses Their Tool Bag

issOn November 18th, 2008, Endeavor astronaut Heide Stefanyshyn-Piper was attempting to clean the tools and equipment after one of the lubrication tools leaked grease into the tool bag. Mission specialist Heide Stefanyshyn-Piper was performing exterior maintenance on the International Space Station when the unthinkable occurred, her $100,000 tool bag escaped her reach and floated away towards Earth.

According to NASA, the tool bag does not pose any major threats and has slipped into Earth’s orbit. The 30-pound bag which contains two grease guns, a scraper tool, a large trash bag, and a small debris bag is now one of the more than 8,500 objects classified as “space debris” encircling the globe. Continue reading NASA Loses Their Tool Bag