Alien Satellite, Astroid, or Simply Space Junk?

There is a unusual object hurling through space that has a heliocentric orbit very similar to Earth’s orbit. This realativly small object, which is approxmiately 10 meters wide is called 1991 VG and was first discoved by James Scotti on November 6th, 1991.

What makes this space object so unusal is that it has a irregular rate of rotation, speed, and when viewed has strange flunctuations in brightness. Due to 1991 VG orbit and close proximately to Earth when it passes by, the trajatectory of the object should have been altered by now.

Which has led some to believe that is may be artifical or alien in orgins. However some believe it may be a piece of rocketry space junk from the 1970’s Apollo 12 space era.

What do you think the 1991 VG space object could be?

We’re going to find out soon, as the unusal 1991 VG will make another close pass to Earth in the summer of 2017 and be viewable from the Southern Hemisphere.

So mark your calendars for the alien invasion in the summer of 2017… or wave to the “Hi” to historic Apollo 12 space trash.

Alien Mothership Spotted Nearby Mercury

On December 1st, 2011 the NASA STEREO spacecraft recorded an intense wave of electrically charge material erupt from the Sun and hit Mercury. The NASA STEREO spacecraft was able to record footage of the coronal mass ejection (CME) event, which reveals a massive cloaked alien mothership that was parked nearby.

The UFO video below shows a massive explosion of plasma blasting Mercury, but watch closely… As the electrically charged plasma hits Mercury a cylindrical shaped object (the alien mothership) can be seen nearby. It has been assumed that the particle bombardment from the plasma temporarily disable the alien mothership’s cloaking device, rendering it visible to humans. Yes, prepare yourselves! The alien invasion may soon be at hand.

YouTube Preview Image

Some so-called “scientists” have stated that the alien mothership in the video is no more than an image artifact. But a close friend of mine, (we’ll call him Steve G.) has stated that this is entirely untrue and that it is just another cover up. I believe Steve G. is right, but what do you think?

Alien Life – Fact Or Mythology?

In the mysterious domain of ufology, the alien is defined as a being coming from cosmos, far away from the Earth or its atmosphere. In our days, there’s a scientific investigation taking place in order to prove the existence of life in the cosmos. It goes by the name of SETI and it is dedicated to monitoring the space with radio telescopes, in order to capture a signal or a message from intelligent beings. The one and only purpose of this investigation is proving that alien life exists.

Although there are many cases of people who claim they met aliens or were kidnapped by them, there’s actually no proof to support their statements. Most arguments refer to various low quality pictures that skeptical scientists don’t take in consideration. Continue reading Alien Life – Fact Or Mythology?

Scanning For Alien Communication

Are we looking for alien life in all the wrong places? Even with the SETI project, we are only scanning a limited number of frequencies in a very small window of space. If we are truly are a type zero civilization then we might not even notice a alien communication if we intercepted one. A message sent from a type three civilization would be far more advanced then we can even imagine at this point in time.

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Continue reading Scanning For Alien Communication